Cheyenne is a girl of many moods and colors!

First off, check out what I found on the web under CHEYENNE:

1) A 'bad influence' though really she's a good one ;D
2) Possibly one of the most rad people in this world.
3) absolutely insane, but easy to fall in love with
4) Very pretty, blonde hair, blue eyes.
5) very mature for her age
6) finds the good in everything
7) has an amazing voice, body, mind, soul, and heart.
8) Great friend
9) Extremely sexual and kinky
10) funny as hell
Are you thinking of naming a new baby girl Cheyenne? Here's some real lowdown on the meaning of the name, way different from the pop culturisms of the URBAN DICTIONARY.
Also noted out of 4,000 some odd names in the U.S. At least 1772 were Cheyenne. Quite a popular name.