Ok I’ll admit it! I was a Motley Crue virgin. I don’t know how that happened, but somehow it just never happened in all my years…but it did on Wednesday night. It has taken me until now to put the words together to do this review justice.

It started simply enough, a little three-person band from Australia called Sick Puppies hit the stage. I had no expectations or experience with this band, I only wanted them to do what they had to do, get it over with and get the hell out of the way! Man was I wrong! This band is hot, tight and very talented, they hit the stage and lit it up! They played for an hour and never let the crowd get distracted by anything else! In fact, that was the only thing that got a little obnoxious, the constant prodding of Guitarist/Lead singer Shimon Moore to get the crowd to scream back at the band their approval! I do have to say that the Bassist for the band Emma Anzai was outstanding both in her appearance and ability to kick butt with her bass. Sick Puppies have a new fan in me…nuff said!

Some 45 minutes went by as the stage crew got the stage ready for Motley Crue. Well, it took time to get Tommy’s new roller coaster drum kit ready after all… All at once, the stage literally erupted with pyrotechnic explosions, 20-foot flames, thick stage fog, an incredible laser light/multi media display and a little ol band called Motley Crue!

They were at full throttle from that moment and never let up! Kicking the show off with “Wild Child” they followed with hit after hit, and the crowd never used their seats for the rest of the show!

Motley Crue has been together now for over 30 years and it showed in their sheer musical perfection, stage presence and ability to give their fans exactly what they want! Their set included, of course, “Kickstart My Heart” and “Dr. Feelgood” — both nominated for Grammys in the Best Hard Rock Category. The album Dr Feelgood won an American Music Award in 1991.

The band appeared to be very much in their stride and happy to be part of Cheyenne Frontier Days. In fact, I have it on good authority that they continued to “love” Cheyenne by heading over to The Outlaw after the show and close the place down! Exact details of their activities at The Outlaw that night are not available…of course!

I am a bigger fan now than ever, and so glad I’m no longer a Crue virgin…Thanks guys!