Ready to unleash the beasts as the "daddy of em' all" begins on July 18th, Cheyenne Frontier Days.

When I arrived in Cheyenne on a cold snowy day in December to come to work at Townsquare Media, leaving Alaska and ready for a new adventure, I was hearing of of an event that was massive and beyond belief. Cheyenne Frontier Days. Everyone in Little America talked about it, everyone at work talked about, on the streets, new friends. It was the talk of the town in the middle of winter.

So I wondered, really knowing what it was all about, if it was as big in life and locals talked about. Through the last few months and weeks we've been in planning meetings for the music groups performing, the rodeo broadcasts, contests and promotions and it seems overwhelming, but lettin' er buck and ridin' with the flow seems the way to go.

Come join us starting July 18th on radio row, all of the Townsquare Media Cheyenne stations and win some cool stuff and say hello to us, or howdy ya'all. Remember this is my first rodeo.