I got this in an email this morning from a friend...and it freaked me out! I mean I wasn't surprised that Washington, D.C. was first, that Houston, Texas was second or even that Denver might have been 3rd. But Little Ol' Cheyenne, Wyoming coming in at 4th...WTF?? Here is the video and the original story, check it out and then you tell me... Los Angeles is ranked at 81st? I'm sorry...some things just don't make sense to me?

(From Men's Health magazine)
Next time you're in D.C., head over to the Lincoln Memorial: There's Abe with his unblinking eyes, a monument to a city that's watching your every move. Sound paranoid? At this moment, an extensive network of closed-circuit cameras is monitoring the D.C. metro area, looking for terrorists and criminals at tourism sites and on street corners. We could tell you which corners, but then we'd have to kill you.

To figure out where it's always 1984, we gathered intelligence on the presence of all kinds of cameras: traffic, red light, and police surveillance (TrafficLand.com, Photo Enforced.com, and local police and state transportation departments). We then checked in with the Administrative Office of the United States Courts to calculate rates of authorized government wiretaps.

Most watched

1. Washington, D.C.
2. Houston, TX
3. Denver, CO
4. Cheyenne, WY
5. Rochester, NY
6. Dallas, TX
7. Austin, TX
8. New Orleans, LA
9. Virginia Beach, VA
10. Atlanta, GA
11. Charlotte, NC
12. Newark, NJ
13. Corpus Christi, TX
14. Baltimore, MD
15. Jacksonville, FL
16. Providence, RI
17. Sacramento, CA
18. Kansas City, MO
19. Nashville, TN
20. Honolulu, HI
21. Columbia, SC
22. San Antonio, TX
23. Orlando, FL
24. Colorado Springs, CO
25. Norfolk, VA
26. El Paso, TX
27. St. Louis, MO
28. Plano, TX
29. Indianapolis, IN
30. Chicago, IL
31. Salt Lake City, UT
32. New York, NY
33. Aurora, CO
34. Oklahoma City, OK
35. Riverside, CA
36. Jersey City, NJ
37. Philadelphia, PA
38. Las Vegas, NV
39. Bakersfield, CA
40. Fort Worth, TX
41. Birmingham, AL
42. Phoenix, AZ
43. Milwaukee, WI
44. Wilmington, DE
45. Tulsa, OK
46. Chesapeake, VA
47. Minneapolis, MN
48. Buffalo, NY
49. Stockton, CA
50. Baton Rouge, LA
51. Raleigh, NC
52. Laredo, TX
53. Portland, OR
54. Jackson, MS
55. Cincinnati, OH
56. Columbus, OH
57. Greensboro, NC
58. St. Paul, MN
59. Tucson, AZ
60. Miami, FL
61. Tampa, FL
62. Charleston, WV
63. Pittsburgh, PA
64. Des Moines, IA
65. St. Petersburg, FL
66. Little Rock, AR
67. Anaheim, CA
68. Cleveland, OH
69. Bridgeport, CT
70. Louisville, KY
71. San Diego, CA
72. Memphis, TN
73. Boise City, ID
74. Toledo, OH
75. Reno, NV
76. Seattle, WA
77. Madison, WI
78. Fresno, CA
79. San Francisco, CA
80. Lubbock, TX
81. Los Angeles, CA
82. Wichita, KS
83. Oakland, CA
84. Durham, NC
85. Albuquerque, NM
86. Fargo, ND
87. Boston, MA
88. Winston-Salem, NC
89. Anchorage, AK
90. Portland, ME

Least watched

91. Manchester, NH
92. Detroit, MI
93. San Jose, CA
94. Lexington, KY
95. Omaha, NE
96. Fort Wayne, IN
97. Lincoln, NE
98. Sioux Falls, SD
99. Burlington, VT
100. Billings, MT

Police across the country are using automatic license plate readers (ALPRs) to catch car thieves and other criminals. And that sounds good, except that ALPRs capture data from innocent citizens too. "Where you go can reveal a lot about you—if you're seeing a medical specialist, if you have a lover, even your political activities," says Jay Stanley, a senior policy analyst at the ACLU. Ask your city council whether ALPRs are being used and, if they are, how often records are purged.

Your fingerprints are being lifted off the Internet: Websites you visit (and their advertisers) secretly log your IP address, which can reveal who you are, where you live, and what you've been up to online. Worried? The Electronic Frontier Foundation recommends protecting your IP address with Tor (torproject.org), a free service that keeps your surfing anonymous.

Read more at Men's Health: http://www.menshealth.com/best-life/surveillance-city#ixzz1wMP81sXD