There is quite a debate between folks who prefer Casper and those who prefer Cheyenne. you be judge and decide for yourself.

After a weekend visit to Casper, there is a distinct difference between the two cities. The tale of two cities. Casper has more retail, is bigger land or size-wise than Cheyenne. However, Cheyenne has a bigger population. The Capitol City is more of a white collar town with major government and military employment. Casper is more blue collar with employment anchored in the extraction industry.

Chuck Geiger/Townsquare Media

FIND THE BEST has some data that you might find helpful here. CITY DATA FORUM is a great web site that let's people weigh in on cities all over the country. Click here for more diatribe on both. I am partial to Cheyenne like most people, due to the proximity to Fort Collins/Loveland/Greeley and Denver. You are a long way from a major metropolitan area in Casper.