With the first significant snowstorm of the fall predicted to hit the Cheyenne area Thursday night and Friday, the Cheyenne Urban Forestry Division is reminding people about some of the potential problems it could bring.

Assistant Director Randy Overstreet advises people to avoid parking under large trees on city streets. He says tree limbs weighed down with snowfall can fall on nearby vehicles and damage them, adding that is especially a concern when the trees are still in full leaf. Overstreet likewise says pedestrians need to watch for falling tree limbs on city sidewalks.

And he also says there is a greater potential of tree limbs casing power outages during early season storms, especially since utility crews working to prune back limbs from around power lines may not have had time to remove all of the limbs yet. And finally Overstreet is asking people to avoid parking on major thoroughfares so that crews can access those areas to remove downed tree limbs more quickly.

He says that is especially a concern in parts of the city with large numbers of mature trees.