Clarity and straightforwardness can save some people from dealing with any ounce of miscommunication. Here's a little story of how a one Wyoming woman handled an awkward situation like a champ.

On nice fall days in Cheyenne, l take breaks on a sidewalk bench outside of our building. Sometimes I see the same nice woman from the second floor. Sometimes we chat. Sometimes we are both just on smart phones. I know enough about her to joke with her a little but if you asked me her name right now, I couldn't even remember it.

Lately, around the bench, I've also seen an old guy hanging around who looks like he's seen better times. Not to judge, but he's a little weird.

Yesterday, when I walked out I saw the young woman on one end of the bench and the old dude near the other end of the bench. Immediately I thought, "Oh, that poor woman." I sat down on the open end of the bench. Nodding at the guy, barely making eye contact, I pulled out my phone.

The old guy says hello to her and before I knew it I overhear, "Would you like to go skinny dippin' with me at midnight?" She quickly responded, "No."

He says to her, "Oh, you're ignoring me."

She says, "No, I'm not ignoring you. I said, "No."

Instead of blurting out, "HA! That's awesome." I kept my cool and, fortunately, he left mumbling, on his way up the street. I couldn't wait for him to get far enough away so he couldn't hear me laughing with the woman friend. I had to tell her, "I am impressed. I mean that was as well as I have ever seen that handled. 'No, I'm not ignoring you. I said no.'"

Since then, I've seen her out there a couple of times and both of us can't stop laughing about skinny dipper dude. Handling those situations can be tough, but she's a real champ.