All three Cheyenne high schools held their prom last weekend, which got us old timers reminiscing about our glory days many, many years ago.

Remember those summer nights as a teenager? You had a car, $5 in your pocket and, if you were lucky, a hot date.

Here's our completely subjective, totally unofficial list of Cheyenne's five best 'make out' spots.

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1. The Depot Plaza - Whether is was during a Friday Night on the Plaza, a summer festival or on New Year's Eve, if you're from Cheyenne, chances are you've shared at least one kiss outside the Depot (and possibly a few that you'd rather forget).

Google Maps view of Panorama Drive. Townsquare Media.

2. Panorama Drive - On the north end town, just east of College, there's a dirt road tucked behind the neighborhood that looks down on the city at night. Although the area around it has grown, it remains a popular destination for young lovebirds

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3. The Lincoln Theater - If you're young and broke, you won't find a cheaper date in Cheyenne than the trusty old Lincoln. Couples have been making out at this landmark since 1927. If only those walls could talk.

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4. The Lion's Park Gazebo - Nestled between the Putt Putt Golf Course and the Botanical Gardens, this picturesque setting looks out over a pond and nearby Sloan's Lake. Arguably, the most romantic place in the Capital City for a hot, steamy make out session.

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5. Any Dirt Road 15 Minutes Outside of Cheyenne - Just pick any direction and start driving. 15 minutes later, stop at the most secluded dirt road you can find, and look up at the stars. For bonus points, demand a kiss every time you see a shooting star or meteor shower.