GWAR Oderus Urungus,

If your kids were ever afraid of the monsters lurking under their beds and in their closets when the lights go out, just wait until one monstrous being emerges to read your child a bedtime story!  The monster guaranteed to scare your kids to sleep…Oderus Urungus!

So just who is Oderus Urungus?  He’s the gory lead vocalist from the ultra heavy metal band called GWAR, and he’s said to be this “intergalactic humanoid barbarian,” guaranteed to scare the crap out of anyone who lays eyes on him, with his devil horns and a face that looks like it was put through a meat grinder!  So how did he get his new gig of reading bedtime stories to screaming little kids who refuse to go to sleep?, who came out with this gory video of Oderus Urungus “soothing the souls of our young” with this charming bedtime story favorite “Goodnight Moon.”  Check out this video!

Would you let Oderus Urungus read a bedtime story to your kids?