If you're looking for something to do in June and are bored by such trifles as marathons, triathlons, iron man contests and the such, maybe the Death Race is for you. Held in Vermont every year, you get to pay money for some evil overlords nice gentlemen to try and kill you. Sound like fun?

The Death Race is online at, of all places, http://www.youmaydie.com, which actually sounds fitting after you review the video. What's involved?

I can't tell you, because it's secret. For example, the race organizers don't even bother to tell the participants when the race will start. They design the course so that only about 10% finish. What's that entail?

  • A 4 am start, crawling through a mud bog, under barbed wire, just to get your placard;
  • Hauling around 20% of your body weight in rocks, up a steep hill;
  • Carrying a bicycle for 12 hours, only to ride it for five minutes, after fishing the chain out of a stream;
  • Memorizing the first 10 US presidents;
  • Having nothing to eat or drink, except for one egg, if you can start a fire in the cold Vermont rain to boil it.

Sadly, it seems as if I've got commitments this June 1. Maybe next year?