The Wyoming Cowboy Basketball team pick up a much needed win Saturday night over Indiana State by a score of 81-51.

While you can't really label a non conference game in earlyDecember as "crucial'', this was a much needed win for the pokes. I took part in a phone interveiw with Coach Heath Shroyer  last week. Although Shroyer was perfectly civil, it was pretty clear he was  disgusted with the way his team played in a road loss to South Dakota Wednessday night. Going into Saturday's game against Indiana State Wyoming stood to fall to 2-6 with a loss. With Adam Waddell sidelined with an injury and the team generally not playing well, the psychological impact on the Cowboys of a home defeat could have been devastating. A 3-5  record isn't good, but it at least keeps the team within striking distance of 500.

The Cowboys are now off until a friday night road game at UC-Irvine, known as the "Anteaters" .