Be careful what you wish for, because here it comes, the answer to your prayers, but it could be a Trojan Horse of ruin.

Mega Millions draws its winning numbers on Tuesday, August 26th, while the first Powerball drawing under the new Wyoming lottery is Wednesday, August 27th.

Let the games of the new Wyoming Lottery with multi-state games begin. While I bought two and am hopeful, I am also aware of the lottery curse that strikes a lot more often than you would think. Jack Whitaker won $314 Million and two years later his wife wished she had torn up the ticket.

Wild Willie Seeley was part of a group of 16 that won a $450M jackpot that got them each $4M and weeks later he said he was miserable. “It’s non-stop drama,” and his wife called it a curse. They just wanted to get their old life back. He was getting calls from long lost relatives and TV executives wanting him to star in reality shows.

Others find their families shattered, broke and murdered. It’s hard to keep your friends as they get envious and start with wanting winners to buy lunch and then it goes up from there with ill uncles who needs an operation or “I need a new house.” Even when you give, it’s not usually enough. "All he gave me was a million," and all of your relationships can go south.

Just beware of the pitfalls of having your dreams come true, they can turn into night mares.