David Bowie hasn’t been sitting around twittling his thumbs these days, even though he hasn’t been on the touring circuit for quite some time.  He recently cranked out his latest album “The Next Day” featuring his song “I’d Rather Be High,” a song that’s truly in fashion, literally!  David, and his new song from his new album are both featured in an ad for Louis Vuitton.

The original version of his song “I’d Rather Be High” is a bit more edgy than the version you hear in this ad, but his custom version of his song fits this ad in royal elegance, featuring a harpsichord and echoing voice resulting in a fantasy sounding theme for anyone who fanaticizes about the exquisite Louis Vuitton fashion line, or even fanaticizes about David Bowie!  Check out the ad here!

David Bowie was once considered one of the most handsome, debonair and distinguished looking figures of Rock n’ Roll.  Do you think he’s still got it?