Doug Randall/Townsquare Media

The Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority is looking for people or businesses to ''adopt a planter''.

The DDA/Main Street Board of Directors in September had approved a plan for removal of all of the concrete planters and the attachment of new planters to decorative light poles. DDA Director Christie DePoorter says the cost of maintaining the current planters was a big concern., and many of the planters were not well kept up.

But she says because of widespread public opposition to removal of all of the  planters the organization has instead decided to keep 115 of the current 282 planters. DePoorter says the organization is is offering A $50 gift certificate to local nurseries, for those adopting a planter, along with a list of recommended plants.

The person or business would then be responsible for watering and maintaining the planter. DePoorter says the program should mean adopters will incur virtually out of pocket expenses, other than the time and labor involved in maintenance.

DePoorter is asking anyone interested in adopting a planter to call the DDA at 433-9730.