Today marks the 37th anniversary of what many called the "second shot heard around the world,"  the news about the death of Elvis Presley. Did he ever take the stage in Wyoming?

According to the Elvis Blog, Texas was "by far the most favorite state for Elvis appearances."  Apparently, Elvis managed to perform in at least 48 communities in the Lone Star State from 1954 to 1955, many of them being small communities, but all full of "Elvis enthusiasm."  Arkansas was second on the list, with at least 17 communities, which Elvis visited early in his career.

Other "most state towns visited" by Elvis included Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, California, Tennesee, Missouri and New York, although not the "Big Apple," aside from his TV appearances, Buffalo was the only city to see Elvis on stage in his earlier years.   .

Although you would think that by the end of his career, Elvis would have played on every stage across the country, and he did, somewhat.  However there were a few states where Elvis did NOT appear, nine to be exact, and they include:  Alaska, Delaware, Idaho, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Vermont and, sadly, WYOMING!  Elvis NEVER took the stage in WYOMING?  I'm shocked!

It's hard to think that Elvis never appeared in the Cowboy State, never gracing us with his presence at our "Daddy of em' all, Cheyenne Frontier Days," or in Jackson Hole.  Although it's not too clear as to whether he ever even visited our wonderful state, it would be hard to imagine that Elvis never even paid a visit to Yellowstone National Park.

Even though the "King of Rock and Roll" never took the stage in our  beautiful Cowboy State, there's plenty of Elvis impersonators that you can hire right here in Wyoming. according to the website Gig Salad.

Did you ever travel outside of Wyoming to see Elvis take the stage, if so where?  Do your kids know who Elvis is?  Who's the "Elvis of the younger generation" today?