Ever plan a big event only to have it be nothing like you’d hoped it would be, especially when it comes to weddings?   It was 4 years ago today that my husband and I said our “I do’s” on a day that we planned to be a perfect one, and it was, sort of! 

Several things happened leading up to our wedding, too many to tell you, but, after having weeks of record highs in the forecast, which would've made our outdoor wedding picture perfect, sure enough, on the “big day” it was rainy and cold, much like it is here in Cheyenne today.  Our guests were covered in mud, as they all scrambled to move all the tables and chairs, the wedding cake (which was dropped, thank goodness it landed upright and held together) flowers, the band, etc, all in our friend’s barn at their beautiful ranch where we were to walk down the beautiful isle…outside!  It was muddy, wet and soggy, but all in all, it was a special day, and immediately after we said our “I Do’s” it stopped raining, figures!

When my sister Peg was getting married, her husband Dave forgot his pants!  When he realized that he only had part of his wedding suit with him, he had to run all the way back home and get his pants, delaying the wedding by an hour.  When they finally said their vows, one of the guests had a baby that proceeded to wail and scream during the entire ceremony!

 When my sister Mary was getting married, it was in my parent’s back yard on a beautiful sunny June day, that is until my sister walked down the isle.   That’s when it hailed and rained like crazy!  After the storm was over, we all went back outside to continue the ceremony which included our friend singing their wedding song, John Denver’s “I’ll Walk In The Rain By Your Side.” 

Did you have anything goofy or disastrous happen on your big day?  Have you ever been to a wedding where the bridesmaids got into a fist fight, or the groom passing out from hanging out by the keg too long?  What’s your wedding day disaster story?