Laramie County Fire District Two Chief Jason Caughey says he's worried that the fire danger in the county could become very bad very quickly.

Caughey says recent rains have dampened down the immediate danger over the next couple of days or so. But he says the wet summer has created an exceptional amount of plant growth in the area. If hot, dry weather should set in over the next few weeks--as is typical for this time of year-- that could translate into a rich supply of highly flammable fuel very quickly.

He characterizes the situation as "very dangerous" and says people will need to take every possible precaution to prevent fires. That includes close supervision of any open flames, which should  be avoided on windy days.

He's advising homeowners to keep their yard areas mowed, with the grass short and adequately watered. Other vegetation and flammable materials should be kept away from dwellings. Caughey says that while burn barrels are allowed in the county, the should be covered with a quarter inch mesh to prevent sparks from starting fires.

He's also reminding county residents that open pit fires are extremely dangerous and cause a lot of grass fires.