It failed in the general session, but might be given another try in the 2016 Wyoming Legislative Budget Session. Of course, we're talking about Medicaid Expansion.

This has been quite controversial, but a great discussion, if you're into seeing both sides of an issue. There are pros and cons to Wyoming adopting the expansion, but over all, is it really a good idea?

If you're on the pro side, then your argument is basically, "We have about 17,000 residents in Wyoming who would benefit from it and hospitals are dying without the reimbursements. Plus, our businesses are paying Federal tax and we should benefit from that."

If your against the expansion, then your argument is basically, "If we take on Medicaid expansion, we are supporting Obamacare and our state just can't afford it right now. Plus, all of the "out of the woods" residents who would qualify for Medicaid on top of the people that already qualify, could very well brake us here in Wyoming."

So, both arguments are valid, but are they workable? It seems that the argument, among lawmakers in D.C. and possibly in Wyoming, to abolish "Obamacare" seems to be wearing down. In other words, lawmakers on the Republican side seem to be accepting the fact that the Affordable Care Act is here to stay, therefore, they are not interested in getting rid of it. Nor do they really know exactly how.

If that is the case, then should Wyoming adopt Medicaid Expansion to refurbish funds to hospitals and help out people that need it? In smaller towns throughout the Cowboy State, hospitals feel the financial pinch much more than the bigger ones.

If legislatures do plan to write up a bill and pass it in the 2016 legislative budget session in Wyoming, it should be done with the understanding that when the Federal dollars run out, then the program goes away.

But when it is all said and done, most people don't think that the country can continue to afford or financially support the ACA, and if the country can't afford it, then maybe Wyoming can't either.