Pets are great! They're loving, snuggly, and a member of the family!  But, just like having kids, sometimes they can be expensive, up to $392 dollars in damages expensive!

According to this new study, dogs are on top of the list of pets that cause the most damage to things around the house, in fact, this study says that dog owners usually shell out $392 dollars A YEAR in damages, making them the most destructive pet!  Don’t think cats get a free ride in this department, they’re second on the list, this I know too well, with 2 cats who have ruined our carpets from what I commonly call “cat hork!”

So what pet causes the LEAST destruction around the house?  Answer:  a guinea pig!  I would think the least destructive would be a gold fish, but fish weren’t on the list!

Now even though pets can cause some damage, I could never get rid of our cats, the joy they give us far out-weigh the damage they’ve cost us, mainly the carpet cleaner that we desperately need to invest in because of them, so I guess you could say, our pets are more valuable to us then what they might cost us for any damages.

What’s the most expensive damage your pet has caused around your house, and how much did it cost you?