What songs would you expect at a high school graduation?

Over the weekend I attended my daughter's graduation at Okie Blanchard Stadium and was surprised by the musical choices for the ceremony. Rather than selecting any current hits, the East High School class of 2014 picked tunes by Billy Joel, Styx and Journey.

The East High School choir performed a nice version of 'Come Sail Away,' the Styx song off 'The Grand Illusion' in 1977. Later during the graduation, the choir sang a moving rendition of Billy Joel's 'Vienna' with a few changes to the lyrics, singing 'the future waits for you' instead of 'Vienna waits for you.' That song also came out in 1977, from Joel's 'The Stranger' album.

At the end of Saturday's East High graduation, the loud speakers blasted 'Don't Stop Believin'' off Journey's 1981 'Escape' release. Many audience members were singing along with the Journey classic while the crowd filed out.

The class of 2014's musical choices thrilled me because maybe that means there are a bunch of classic rockers graduating who may be rocking to KING FM. It gives me hope for the future.