I was reading an article in the newspaper, yes--the newspaper, about Facebook and how it affects you mentally.

Facebook users can become depressed by what they see on-line. I know it was true for me. I wanted to pull the plug several times, but realized it's just a bunch of lines on line. One of my biggest pet peeves, is approaching a friend online on a chat with a, "Hey, what's up?" only to get nothing in return. I give you few chances and a day to respond to a real question or comment and if you don't respond - Goodbye, you are sleeping with the fishes on Facebook. Meaning "unfriended."

One of the biggest feelings in the article I read from Kathy Lu in The Kansas City Star was jealousy: seeing old friends and work comrades from the past engaged in something I use to be involved with. My best remedy is to turn it off and log off chat. It works. I got over the Facebook Blues.