Facebook's new standalone app is very scary but like a vampire, can only come in if invited.

We spend more time with our digital devices than we do sleeping. Facebook users average 40 minutes per day on their mobile devices, and are now are being pushed to give up even more of their privacy than they already do. More than 200 million people use Messenger every month, but do they know...

As mentioned in The Huffington Post "Facebook's Messenger App, which boasts over 1,000,000,000 downloads, requires the acceptance of an alarming amount of personal data and, even more startling, direct control over your mobile device."

With the Messenger app, Facebook can spy on you as it can record audio, take pictures and take videos, at any time, without your knowledge, because you already gave your blanket permission.

Facebook will now know all the apps you use, how often you use them and what information you keep or exchange on those apps, in my opinion, a violation of your private information.

Facebook is already up in your business more than most people know,. Read your terms of service (that goes for Google as well).
These free apps can be great but can cost you a lot more than money. Be aware.

If you installed the Facebook Messenger app, delete it. If you haven’t don’t. Unless you don’t care who is going through all of your personal information. There are better messenger apps available.