My favorite Christmas memories...Wow I have so many as a kid, then young adult, father with growing family and then empty nester.

As a kid, I knew where the perfect hiding spot was. I remember Christmas of 1962 finding the Tonka Truck car hauler with 1962 Ford Falcons on it. Had to leave it alone and wait. Boy was I excited.

My mother passed away in 1964 and within a few years my father remarried and my new step mom was a practicing Jehovah's Witness so...You guess it, no soup for you. Later on in years, when I met Janis in 1975 we had our first Christmas in our small beach front apartment in San Diego.

Then comes Christmas with the kids through the 80's and 90's. We always made a Christmas Eve video, I wish I could share, but it's on VHS. We began sharing the holidays with the Pomeranians. As the kids grew up and had their own families, we got the pups new sweaters and they got to unwrap their own toys.

Hope you enjoyed my compartmentalized Christmas Memories. This year we were apart, as Janis prepares to move to Cheyenne next week with me.  So we can begin making more Cheyenne Christmas Memories.