The Cheyenne City Council Finance Committee on Monday voted in favor of a resolution to appropriate money in Fiscal Year 2015 to deal with abandoned buildings in the city.

The proposal by councilwoman Annette Williams originally called for setting aside $5,000 to deal with structures that are deemed as vacant, dangerous or otherwise unsafe. Williams told the committee that although the city currently has an ordinance to deal with such buildings, it is hampered by a lack of funding for boarding up such buildings.

Councilwoman Georgia Broyles authored an amendment to increase the proposed fund to $25,000. That amendment passed 2-1, with councilman Jimmy Valdez saying he couldn't vote for the increase until it is clear where the money would come from. Mayor Rick Kaysen told the committee that with work on the FY 2015 budget in the preliminary stages, he could not identify a source for the funding.

Despite the concerns over the source of the money, the committee voted 3-0 in favor of the proposal, which now goes on to the full city council