The Cheyenne City Council Finance Committee on Monday voted to support an ordinance to cap fees charged by tow companies who do work for the Police Department.

Lt. Mark Munari told the committee that while most local tow companies are fair and honest, police have gotten complaints from people who have been charged as much as $7000 to tow a vehicle. Several representatives of tow companies spoke in support of the proposal, which would cap tow fees at $160, require tow trucks to arrive within half an hour of being contacted and require tow company operators to take a training  course.

One provision of the ordinance which sparked some discussion would require towing companies to be available for at least four hours at some point over the weekend to return cars to motorists who pay the required fee. The final vote in favor of the ordinance on second reading was 2-0, with both the committee members who were present. Georgia Broyles and Jimmy Valdez, voting yes

The ordinance still must be approved by the full city council on third reading before becoming law.