Talk about getting a second shot at a new life, and in this case, it all started out with a shot, a MUG shot of a felon who just might be the next superstar MODEL?

Jeremy Meeks, who was arrested as a part of a sting of gangs in Stockton,California, (which, by the way is on the top list of “hottest cities with the hottest people,” is sitting in jail and faces a felony weapons charge.  But, thanks to the Stockton Police Department, who posted his mug shot on their Facebook page, this felon is now being sought out by a modeling agency!

His mug shot went viral, because he’s a pretty handsome man, so handsome in face that Gina Rodriguez has signed him as a client, and he now joins the likes of others that she’s represented, including Donald Sterling’s former gal pal V Stiviano, and “Octomom” herself, Nadya Suleman.

In an interview with ABC News, Gina said that “Jeremy has an amazing look, and has received international attention, which I feel can only help him flourish in the entertainment industry…”

They haven’t officially set up any contracts with Jeremy yet, but Gina says she’s hopeful, and said that “Jeremy could make anywhere from $3,000 to $100,000 per MONTH through endorsements and modeling!”  Gina’s in talks with modeling agency White Cross Management, however their spokesperson said as of now they’re not representing him.

Meantime, Jeremy’s in jail on $1.1 MILLION bail, for ELEVEN felony counts including being a gang member, and possession of firearms, but Gina Rodrigues doesn’t believe that his criminal record will be a problem when it comes to his career prospects.  In fact, she believes that “this could be a positive change for Jeremy and his family.

Apparently, his mother is trying to raise money for his release by launching a “GoFundMe” campaign, so far they’ve raised a little over $5,000.

How do you feel about this, should a felon with ties to gangs, be turned into a super model?