The local music scene is alive and kicking!

What bands have you been out to see play lately?

Since the Midtown Tavern started to sponsor our Live at 5:05 music, we've had several of the local bands playing at the former Anderson's Other Corner, 1303 East Pershing Boulevard, stop by the KING FM studios in downtown Cheyenne.

On Friday, February 1, George Ball and Brian Mark visited the third floor of the ANB building and played a couple songs and we talked a little about music. Here's one of the songs the duo played called 'And That is Love':

George Ball and Brian Mark first got together when BeatGrass was formed. George has been in Cheyenne since 1976 and has played with a multitude of great acts that have come through our area and has been influenced by some greats as well.

We had a chance to sit down and talk music in the KING studios and here's a sampling of what we discussed.