Tomorrow through St. Patrick's Day, I rock my Country roots on 1063 COWBOY COUNTRY.

I will be filling in for Teri Landreth on 1063 COWBOY COUNTRY on Cowboy Mornings. I have been in rock and pop radio for three decades. I spent close to 11 years in Country Radio in Allentown, PA; Wichita, KS; Fresno, CA; and I am the program manager for KGAB, KIGN and KLEN.

This is going to be lots of fun.

Country radio audiences love to participate on the air, calling in for contests and requesting tunes.

I love THE WORK RELEASE PROGRAM on KING-FM, but this will be a hoot. Look I used a country-type word.

I will be working on both stations the end of this week and St. Patrick's Day. Check a brother out and ya'all come back.