When loved ones are sick and need assistance, sometimes it can tear families apart.  Where Glen Campbell should spend his last days is tearing his family apart

Debby Campbell, the daughter of country great Glen Campbell, found out that her father had been placed in an assisted living facility in Nashville ON the NEWS!  Now she’s expressing her heartbreak about this decision made from Glen’s wife of 31 years, Kim Woolen.

In an interview in Country Weekly, Debby said she wants to move her dad out of that facility and take care of her father in his last days at her home in Arizona.  “I know that he’s getting along great with the people at the facility, but that’s not how I feel – as his daughter – he should spend the rest of his life.  I feel like he should be surrounded by loved ones at home.”  Debby is Glen’s daughter from a previous marriage.

Glen’s wife Kim is also expressing her feelings about the situation, telling People Magazine that she made the decision to move Glen into the facility, because she and her children were “completely exhausted” trying to take care of him, and that his safety was at risk. ( Kim has 3 children with Glen.)  “No one was getting any sleep, and we were struggling ever second to keep him safe.”

After everything that’s happened with Casey Kasem, could Glen now be in the middle of a bitter family feud over where he should be spending his last days?