Do you have any Grass Roots records? When I was growing up my sisters had 45's of the Grass Roots Sooner or Later and Temptation Eyes that my brother and I would play.

Over the years the psychadelic sounds of the sixties have been kept alive by the Grass Roots. Last week their bass-playing lead singer, Rob Grill, passed away at a hospice facility in Lake County, Florida at the age of 67.

Rob's wife Nancy says the singer suffered serious head injuries when he fell recently and was in a coma.

We'll play music from the Grass Roots in Rob's honor tomorrow on Your Sunday Brunch.

Grill was not a founding member of the Grass Roots but he sang lead on most of their hits including "Midnight Confessions" and "Let's Live for Today." He joined around the same time that members of the L. A. based band 13th Floor were absorbed into the group, including Creed Bratton on guitar. Bratton plays a fictional version of himself on TV's "The Office."

Bratton calls Grill a "damn good singer" and adds, "we were in a good-looking pop group in the Summer of Love. It was pretty cool."