How do Deadheads celebrate Jerry Garcia's birthday?

One way to mark what would have been Jerry's 70th birthday, on August 1, is to watch him perform on the big screen in the 'Grateful Dead Movie.'

Movie theaters across the country will be screening the 1977 film, directed by Jerry Garcia, at seven tonight.

Some of the nearest theaters to Cheyenne showing the film are in Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver.

The screening will include a special commemoration of Jerry Garcia by Justin Kreutzmann, film director and son of Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann.

Also featured with the movie will be an interview with guitarist Bob Weir giving a behind the scenes look at his state-of-the-art studios, the Tamalpais Research Institute.

The official Grateful Dead website has lots of other ways to celebrate Jerry Garcia's life.

Click here to locate the theater nearest to you that's showing the 'Grateful Dead Movie.'