A major voice of Cheyenne radio has been silenced.

On Wednesday, August 15, long-time Cheyenne broadcaster Tom Bauman died at the age of 75.

You've probably heard Tom's voice before on a radio broadcast or commercial, as a Cheyenne Frontier Days announcer or at many other events over the years and it is unforgettable.

Over the years, I've known Tom as a boss, a mentor, a co-worker and a friend. He taught me a lot about the radio business through his stories and helped me cultivate my musical knowledge by letting me play what was in his station's music library.

Tom used to say 'we've been playing the Oldies since they were Newies.' He'd tell about when he began in radio, announcers had their commercials, that they had mostly written, in a pile of scripts that they had to read live on-the-air themselves.

Just last Saturday morning, 'Tom's View' aired on 650 AM KGAB with Tom at the microphone telling us about what was going on around our community.

On July 19, Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen declared it 'Tom Bauman Day' as the road around the north side of Laramie County Community College was named 'Tom Bauman Loop Road.'

As you drive around Cheyenne, you can see lots of 'signs' that Tom Bauman made a difference in a lot of people's lives.