It’s one of those, “Oh no; he didn't!” stories. A guy faked a home robbery just to get out of work!

A 31-year-old man from Florida woke up on Monday morning and decided he didn't want to go into work.  His wife thought otherwise and told him he needed to get up, take a shower and show up at his job.

He left his house at 6:30 a.m., and his wife left later on.  He was waiting for his wife to leave so he could sneak back into his house and play hooky.  Only thing is, he was now late for work, and needed a good excuse to call in and say he wasn't going to be there.

I don’t know if this guy had a few drinks before coming up with this idea, but at about 7:30 a.m., he called to say that there was a robbery at his house, a FAKE robbery that is.  He called 9-11 and said that someone broke in, and they got away in their getaway car!

The 9-11 dispatcher immediately sent police to his house.  This guy thought surely a home robbery would be a good excuse not to come into work, but he didn't think EVERYTHING through.

He staged his home to look like it had been broken into, and when police arrived, he was ready with his story of the entire drama.  BUT…while police were looking around, they noticed that the guy’s neighbor had security cameras, so they decided to check footage of their security cameras, and when they did…BUSTED!  This not-so-bright slacker was arrested for giving false information to the police!

I've heard of all sorts of goofy excuses for missing work: my turtle died; the dog flushed my keys down the toilet, etc. But never have I heard of someone going to such great lengths to actually stage and report a home robbery just to get out of work!

What’s the worst excuse you've used or thing you, or someone you know, did to get out of going to work?