I’ve heard of every diet out there, and probably been on almost ALL of them, but I never thought working at a fast food restaurant would help you LOSE weight!

A guy from England lost over 140 pounds in only ONE year, after working at McDonalds….MCDONALDS?  When he first started his job in May of last year, he weighed a whopping 343 pounds.  Now he’s at 203 pounds!  So how did he do it?

He said that constantly smelling all of those hamburgers and French fries, and being around all of that fast food immediately turned him OFF of fast food.  Instead, he was inspired to eat healthier things like fruit, lean meat, rice cakes chicken and veggies.  After going the “healthy route,” he lost 18 pounds in just one month, and now just a little over a year later, he’s now 140 pounds THINNER, just by working at McDonalds!

He’s still working at McDonald’s now, so he still could be losing even more weight, just for working there!  You know, if I really wanted to test this theory to see if this method of losing weight really worked, I’d have to work at EVERY fast food restaurant in Cheyenne!

If you picked a fast food restaurant that you LOVE, which one do you think you’d work for, in hopes of losing weight?