Tonight is date night Saturday night in America as Steve Cooper calls it and it's time to take her out for a real date.

As you lay on the couch or easy chair reading this, guys it's date night tonight and you better get crackin' on where to take the love of your life. Mc Donald's and the racetrack might not be the best thought, but really any date that has some planning, caring and loving attached can be a good one. I am not a relationship counselor, but I do work on KING FM. For husbands and wives, there are so many things you can do on date night.

Everything from a late Saturday afternoon at Barnes and Noble with coffee and the printed word. This is one of my favorites: Plan a “Favorites Night” around your favorite food, clothes, games, sports, etc. Each spouse could choose a favorite activity which you then combine into one evening, or the wife could propose her favorite activities for one date and the husband plans the next date with his favorites.

Whatever you decide to do tonight, do it with gusto and have a great date night tonight in Cheyenne.