At Hands On Physical Therapy, they pride themselves on providing the best quality of care with individualized treatment approaches.


Here are some common Hands on Physical Therapy FAQs:

What is trigger point dry needling? Trigger point dry needling is not a new practice, just new to Cheyenne. There have been 65 years of research on the benefits of trigger point treatment and recent research has shown that dry needling is effective in treating low back pain and whiplash disorders as well as other neuropathic and radiculopathy disorders.

What kind of training do physical therapists have? All physical therapists have a bachelor degree. Most of our physical therapists continue their education and hold at least masters, while we also have many Doctors of Physical Therapy on staff. All of our therapist also engage in continuing education, fellowships and seek additional certifications.

Do I need a doctor's referral for service? Will my insurance cover your help? You don't need a referral and we work with many insurance companies!

I don't feel well, but it isn't something I'd typically think to see a physical therapist to treat. Should I? Physical therapists should be consulted for a broad range of maladies. Problems as diverse as dizziness, headaches, back pain and women's health issues all can be caused by problems a physical therapist is able to address.

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