At the least, some of our animals in Wyoming can do damage to a bank account, thanks to the bill for a car repair. I’m talking even little critters, like the bunnies crawling all over a field next to my apartment.

I park on the end of the lot right next to that field. When it’s cold, and my thermostat wire is still warm, rabbits like to get under the car and grab the wire with their teeth. That's insulating warmth for them, but a problem for me.

At my dealer service department, the cost of a new wire, plus labor equals $400 dollars. It's still under warranty for most problems, but that little fix - thanks to animals - is not covered.

Cheyenne's Meineke Car Care Center Lead Technician Andi Howard says bunnies do damage.

"We see that a lot. Mice get into cars and do some damage, but rabbits will eat anything," Andi says. "If it's warm and it's a wire, rabbits will eat it. That includes O2 wires and wires for any sensor, ABS wire, fuel injector wire and spark plug wire - all of which can render a vehicle useless."

I know mine is not the only little story like this. Also, I'm sure rabbits are not the only Wyoming critter to mess up your vehicle.