Cheyenne. When you think of Cheyenne, what sorts of vehicles come to mind? I know I was surprised a few months ago to see what appeared to be an early 90's Bentley sitting on a used lot here in town. But mostly, we see SUVs, pickups and the occasional Subbie. (Disclosure: I drive an old Ford F150 and love it.) Well, via eBay Motors, here's something we wouldn't usually expect to see on the roads in town...

Gad zooks! I don't even know how to spell Lamborghini without the aid of spell check, but there's one for sale in Wyoming's capitol city. If you hurry, you might even be able to keep it here. Well, if you hurry and you've got about $70,000 sitting around. (From the ad: "If you can't afford the car don't waste my time!")

But just sitting here in awe - and a bit of confusion - while salivating over this Italian Stallion is just a waste of our time, and that, my friends, is the number two reason for the internet. (Number one involves adult stuff and number three involves Nigerian money laundering schemes, if I recall correctly.)

Now before you call your bank, our Lambo's seller "leftyelway" has a few caveats about his black Diablo to share with us. A 1995, this 12-cylinder spitfire sometimes has an engine issue, although leftyelway thinks new oxygen sensors in the custom exhaust might solve the problem. The six-speed handshaker also sometimes kicks itself out of second gear, but that might just be a poorly adjusted linkage. One other issue: the devil has a salvage title because of an engine fire. But that's just par for the course with exotic Italian hardware!

While the Diablo probably doesn't have room enough in the trunk for much more than a bag of golf clubs, I'd modestly suggest you find a place to equip a fire extinguisher. And hurry: this auction closes Wednesday morning. I'd bid, but I'm poor, and my head is still spinning from seeing 2-county Wyoming tags on this Diablo. Our bucking horse makes perfect sense on this Italian iron.

(Source: eBay Motors.)