'Tis the season to be giving...and unfortunately, taking.  Can you imagine it being only days away from Christmas and you discover you’ve been robbed? Jesse and Kelly unfortunately can!

I was a little disgruntled after hearing about Christmas grinches stealing presents, toys, and personal items that obviously were meant for someone else. One man even called in to 106.3 Cowboy Country today to say when he was robbed just days before Christmas, they even took his tree! 

I got a Facebook message from a friend of mine who said that when he was robbed, the robber posted on his Facebook account! My friend later had to send out a mass Facebook message saying that his account had been hacked into, and that he and his family were fine.

And while those two incidents I just described happened some time in the past, I had the unfortunate news this week that my nephew Jesse and his lovely wife Kelly came home from their recent trip to find they had been robbed as well!

I think it’s truly horrible when anyone gets robbed, especially this time of year, but to rob a Marine who served his country in both Iraq and Afghanistan? And one who lost both of his legs in an I.E.D. explosion in the process of serving our country? Why him?  

Kelly said that they lost a lot of precious things that were sentimental to them both. Her iPad had several photos that she won't be able to get back. I'm nearly positive she would let those thieves keep her iPad if she could just get her pictures back.

Jesse received a few medals for serving our country, including the purple heart. There's no word if this thief actually stole any of his medals, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that those are at least in tact.  

Have you, or has anyone you know, been robbed just before Christmas? Did they ever catch that “Grinch?”