Remember Foreigner's debut album in 1977?

This weekend is the last "Your Sunday Brunch" of September so we'll feature an "Album Side Sunday" treat for you in the eight o'clock hour.

We are playing side one of Foreigner's self-titled first album. Personnel on the record include:

-Lou Gramm on percussion and lead vocals

-Ian McDonald on guitar, drums, horns, keyboards and vocals

-Al Greenwood playing keyboards

-Mick Jones on guitar and keyboards

-Dennis Elliott on drums and vocals

-Ed Gagliardi plays bass and sings some of the vocals

Three of the members are British; Dennis, Mick and Ian and three of them are American; Ed, Lou and Al so that's why they named the band Foreigner.

Foreigner sold more than four million copies when it was released in 1977 and stayed in the top 20 for a year.

The five tracks we'll be playing off side one of Foreigner are:

  1. "Feels Like the First Time" (Mick Jones)
  2. "Cold as Ice" (Jones, Gramm)
  3. "Starrider" (Greenwood, Jones)
  4. "Head Knocker" (Gramm, Jones)
  5. "The Damage is Done" (Jones, Gramm)

On Saturday, October 1, Foreigner will play with Night Ranger and Journey at the Comfort Dental Amphitheater in Denver.