I've been feeling really run down this past week. At first I thought it was the flu, again. But yesterday I woke up to a swollen jaw and realized it's not the flu-- it's a tooth, which means I have to find a dentist...EEEK!

I've had some troubles with dentists in the past. When I was a little kid, we went to this dentist who obviously didn't like children very much.  He would try filling our teeth without any Novocain, and when we'd flinch, he'd slap us!  My mom, being of an era where "the doctor is always right," thought he was. The dentist eventually explained that he had to slap me because he might have drilled right through my mouth....because I was moving around too much.

Makes total sense. Right?

I soon became aware of the bathroom at the dentist office. It had a lock on the door...YES! Every time we had an appointment, I would say I had to go to the bathroom. Then I'd lock the door and waste as much time as I could until they didn't have time to take my appointment. I think I had the cleanest hands around. The dentist eventually got wise and removed the lock from the bathroom door...NO!

Now that I'm an adult and actually have a say in who is going to stick a drill in my mouth, I still get extremely nervous going to the dentist. Though I do believe there are dentists out there that really are great. Not only do they have Novocain, but they also have Nitrous Oxide, or, if you will, laughing gas!

My husband and I had a great dentist in Greeley, Co., Dr. Johnson, but now that we live here, we really need to have all of our medical needs met here in Cheyenne. Including having a dentist here!  So now I'm on the prowl to look for a good dentist who's kind, gentle, and has laughing gas--LOTS of it!

Do you know of any good dentists in Cheyenne, and have you had any dental horror stories of your own?