Have you ever seen the bluegrass band Hog MaGundy?

They are making their Cheyenne debut tonight, June 21, at The Midtown Tavern, otherwise known as Anderson's Other Corner at 1303 East Pershing Boulevard.

Hog MaGundy is a Ft Collins' band that formed in 2012 and has played up and down the front range and in Taos, New Mexico.

Jake Scholl and Devon 'Tree' Lyndsay of Hog MaGundy (mrorabeck/tsm)

Hog MaGundy members are Garrett Burrow on banjo, Ben Hanrahan playing rhythm guitar, Jake Scholl on mandolin, Joseph Gavronski playing bass and Devon 'Tree' Lyndsay on percussion.

Joseph Gavronski and Cliff 'The Hippie Roadie' (mrorabeck/tsm)

Here's a song Hog MaGundy played live in the KING studio on Friday, June 21. This is an original called 'Nashville Fauxgrass.'