Are you doing anything to celebrate 'National Pretzel Day'?

Vendors of pretzels around the globe are offering special deals on this April 26th.

The pretzel has been called 'The World's Oldest Snack.' It was first introduced in 610 A.D. in France.There are lots of ways to enjoy pretzels, I like them dipped into a fresh, ripe avocado.

I learned this trick while working in the Produce Department at Safeway. Often times, the avocados would become over ripe, especially when we had ordered a lot, like around Cinco De Mayo. Before tossing them in the trash, I'd salvage some of the good parts and during my break I'd buy some pretzels to scoop up the mashed avocado right out of the shell.

While you are enjoying your pretzels just the way you like them, flip through these photos featuring the twisty treat.