Are your kids ready for the upcoming school year?  How much money did it cost you in school supplies this year to get them ready?

Every year, the costs of school supplies go up, and this year, according to Web Pro News, parents of kids ages Kindergarten through 12th, will be shelling out almost $700 on school supplies, that’s roughly $85 dollars more than last year.

You have your basic school supply list that have pencils, rulers, Crayons, glue and erasers, but what are some of the other expensive items your child needs for school?  Backpacks are still a necessity; however with technology being what it is today, many parents are scraping up the funds to buy their kids not only a laptop backpack, but a laptop to go in those backpacks.

A local man in Cheyenne called in last year, and said he had three grandchildren that ALL needed laptops, and he spent over $1,500 trying to help his grand kids meet those technology needs for the school season.


With many students in Laramie County School District 2 going back to school August 21st, and students in Laramie County School District 1 going back to school on August 26th, parents are still scrambling to get all the supplies on their lists for their kids to start the school year.

How much are you spending this year on school supplies?  Is it more that what you spent last year?  What’s the most expensive school item are you having to by for your kids this year?