When you go to the local fireworks stand, there is a rule of thumb for what to buy and how to use these bad boys.

One of the first places to start, is to know the rules: Check this out. This is from The Wyoming State Fire Marshall's Office and there are quite a few rules and regulations. After you know the rules, there is the purchase. What do you buy and how do you use them?

Here are the classes of fireworks:

– Class C common fireworks, now known as consumer fireworks, include fireworks intended for general public use.

– Class B special fireworks are now classified as 1.3G explosives and are intended for use only as display fireworks.

– Class A consists of solid explosives, such as TNT and dynamite. (not recommended for personal use - LOL).

Class C is what we buy from the local fireworks stands. The next type of class c common fireworks is what I would call the “aerials”. This includes anything that you light and stand back…and it shoots up into the air. Aerials need a lot of room and the area where they could possibly land needs to be an area that can’t easily light on fire.

Don’t point them near anyone or near any building, as they could easily catch on fire. That said, aerials are always great fun, and can include reloadable shells and mortars (they shoot up high and then explode with sparks in the air), repeaters and cakes, roman candles, and tubes, mines, and shells. Bottle rockets are very popular, and there are many different types of bottle rockets, some even whistle when they fly through the air.

One year I almost blew the neighbor girl up, the stand which you'll need for aerials fell over and it shot at the neighbor. She had quick reflexes.

REMEMBER: You cannot shoot Aerials or most Class C's in city limits. They have to be done in open areas in the county.