Weather you have someone house sit your pets or put them in a kennel while you’re away on vacation, it can be extremely stressful when they sense that you’re going on vacation, but according to this, there is a way to make them more calm while you’re away, and it’s them sensing you!

As much as we love our pets, sometimes, we can’t take them where we’re going if we decide to take a vacation.  This leaves your pets feeling sometimes rejected, or abandoned, because they don’t understand that your departure is only temporary.

I read this article in Woman’s World about what to do with your pets while you’re away, and they say the next best thing to you for your pets is your scent.  This article suggests that you give your dog or cat one of your T-shirts or one of your pillowcases that you’ve been sleeping on, so that way they can feel close to you, even though you might be miles away from home.

Pets can always distinguish the smell of their owner from any other human scent, and according to a study from the Emory University, the discovered using brain scans from pets, actually proved that familiar cents trigger an almost “treat-like” reward signal that calms them down while you’re away on your vacation.

I notice that when we leave for a short stay from home, our cats are all over our bed and clothes; they’ll sleep right on our pillows.  I’ve had friends who’ve had some major disasters while they were away on vacation.  One friend said her dog ate her couch while they were on vacation!

Have you ever had any pet disasters while you were away?  What was the worst thing that’s happened to you, and what do you do to calm your pets down while you’re on vacation?