"Howdy, Where are you from?"

You'll hear that hollered from some of the participants in the parade as they ride by in historic carriages or on horseback.

During Cheyenne Frontier Days, visitors arrive from all around the globe to enjoy "the world's largest outdoor rodeo and western celebration." Part of the fun is checking license plates to see how many different states and countries you can count.

Each rodeo, results from the "parking patrol" are announced. Cheers erupt from sections of the crowd when their state license plate count is broadcast. Usually, the biggest numbers are Wyomingites and Coloradans.

Other neighboring states usually are well represented too, like the Nebraskans, Montanans and Utahans.

The name referring to the place someone is from is called a demonym. There are several different suffixes used and sometimes even the state's nickname is used. Such as Buckeye being used for a native of Ohio, using  Nutmegger for someone from Connecticut or Hoosier for a person from Indiana.

When you hear the question along the parade route Saturday morning make sure you yell back your location nice and loud and let us know here where you're from and what you like to be called in the comment box below.