My hubby and I have been married for almost 5 years. When we first met, I was a size 6, now, EEK!  We've both gained weight, so gotta wonder, does being married make you fat?

There’s so many reasons why I love my husband. For one thing, he truly is my best friend, and you know best friends can get into trouble together from time to time.  I’ve noticed that when we try to eat a healthy meal, it’s usually followed be either he or I saying, “Do we have any chocolate?”

A friend of mine brought up the point that we're both in our "comfort zone" with each other, so comfortable that we don't mind exploding out of our jeans, whereas before, I was the typical girl on a date who would take 2 bites and then say "I am SO full!"  Now I could devour an entire pizza right in front of him, and, tell the truth and shame the devil, I have!

I’ll be the first to admit, we both have really packed on the pounds during our marriage, and looking to put us both on a sensible diet.  I’m also dreading who’ll be the first one to break it, my husband or me. And if he breaks our diet first, will I go along with him?  You know what they say, “…it’s easier to swim downstream as opposed to swimming against the current…”

Have you and your significant other packed on the pounds since your marriage? If so, have you been successful loosing weight together?