Did you know the average family of 4 spends well over $300 a WEEK in groceries?  You can save a TON of money by NOT buying these items at the grocery store.

According to Yahoo! Finance, there’s a list of items that you should stay away from at the grocery store, and if you do, you trim down that grocery bill significantly!  Some of these items include:

Salad Dressing:  Instead of buying expensive salad dressing at the grocery store, make your own.  Most people like a vinaigrette salad dressing, and it’s easy to make yourself.  Just add one part vinegar to three parts oil, some salt, pepper and seasoning, and presto, you have a salad dressing that not only will save you money, but will save you in a slew of unwanted calories!

Gift Cards:  You’re in the grocery store, you forgot you have a birthday or wedding event coming up and you need to get a gift.  You’re thinking since you’re at the grocery store, you’ll just pick up a gift card, but DON’T!  Reason?  The activation fees are $5 dollars or more, even for a gift card as little as $50.  Instead, go to that store or restaurant ITSELF, and buy your gift cards there, when you do that, you won’t have to worry about the activation fees!

Party Supplies:  Instead of shelling out a slew of money for matching paper plates and party streamers, just go to the Dollar Store, they probably have everything you’re looking for, and sometimes they even have a better selection.  I was AMAZED how much money I saved by going to the Dollar Store to get my party supplies for my wedding, and they had EVERYTHING, from little party favor boxes and little bubble bottles, to candles, containers, even the decorative glass to put in the vases that I also found there!

Batteries:  You usually don’t remember to pick up batteries until you’re at the grocery store, and they KNOW it, that’s why they mark up the price of batteries way high.  You’re better off waiting until you go to Sam’s Club or Costco to buy them in bulk.  Even if you use rechargeable batteries, you’re better off buying those in bulk as well.

Diapers:  They too are a big markup item at the grocery store, so once again, buy them in bulk at Sam’s Club, Costco or Amazon, and you’ll save a slew of money!

What items to you save on when you buy them at other places than the grocery store, and where do you go?