Have you ever seen the mural of The Clash lead singer Joe Strummer in the East Village of New York City?

It's no longer there, on Monday, August 19, construction workers tore down the wall of the Niagra Bar featuring the mural.Owner of the bar, Jesse Malin, says it was a safety hazard because the wall was crumbling. He's also a musician and knew Strummer when he patronized the bar.

Malin says the company that manages the building told him that the brick wall will be rebuilt in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

As soon as the façade is repaired, the mural's original painters, graffiti artists Dr. Revolt and Zephyr, will return to replicate their work according to Malin.

The mural was created for a music video after Strummer's death in 2002 due to an undiagnosed heart defect and the owner recounts that once the video was finished, he decided to keep the image.

About 100 tourists snap photos of the mural each day according to Malin.